Sunday, July 4, 2010

Brock Valley Picnic Site and Brock Bottoms

River Brock, Brock Bottoms
I made a flying visit to Brock Bottoms yesterday, leaving the car at the Brock Valley Picnic Site and following the well maintained path (pushchair and wheelchair accessible, cycling not allowed) which forms part of the Brock Valley Nature Trail.

Brock Valley Picnic Site
Brock Valley Picnic Site

It is a beautiful spot, with the River Brock flowing through mixed native woodland and more open meadow areas supporting a range of wildflowers and birds - the river itself looks like prime Dipper and Grey Wagtail territory although I didn't spot any while I was there.

River Brock
River Brock

Much of the river is shallow and pebbly, great for kids to paddle and play safely.  Well-signed paths lead off in every direction, making the site, with its decent car park, a good starting point for walkers looking to explore further afield.
Signposts on the Brock Valley Trail
Signposts on the Brock Valley Trail

Brock Bottoms Mill
Brock Bottoms Mill

The ruined remains of Brock Bottoms Mill are an interesting reminder of Lancashire's industrial history.  The mill was built in the 18th Century to use the power of the River Brock to drive cotton spinning machinery.

Bannister Hey Farm
Bannister Hey Farm

I continued along the main path as far as Bannister Hey Farm before turning back - you can continue on to Claughton Village this way for a longer walk.

I spent a lovely hour down by the Brock and will definitely be back to explore some more, so watch out for further reports!

More information is available on the Wyre Borough Council website: Brock Valley Picnic Site and Brock Bottoms


  1. Hello, I just wanted to say I love your photography and I am hoping to use one of your images to illustrate my day exploring Brock Bottom, particularly the image of the ruin for my blog, I will of course credit your image with a link to this blog. If this is a problem and you want me to take the image down, i will of course do that, just let me know! Thank you!

  2. Hi, it's lovely to hear that you like the blog, and you are welcome to use my photos - a link would be appreciated. Could you drop me a line when you've published your piece so I can check it out? Regards, Gareth.

  3. Brock Bottom Boy . jj
    A boy , alone,
    Searches for a special stone.
    To hold , to feel , to save or skim .
    Whatever takes his spontaneous whim .
    Sandals soaked to his skin .
    Clear cool waters below his shin .
    Brock Bottom is his friendly path .
    See him smile and hear his laugh .
    With his cap shading his face from the sun ,
    He paddles the river , his adventure has just begun .
    Splashing water and awakening the silent fish .
    Brock Bottom Boy has made a wish .
    I bet he took home a stone or two .
    Whilst the sun shone brightly in a sky of blue .
    When manhood comes through, from this boy
    These photographs will bring him so much Joy .
    For, he will look back on this halcyon day .
    The Brock Bottom Boy is here to stay .

    1. This was written for my Grandson

    2. Such a beautiful poem of one of my favourite places, my brother lives at Brock. May I share the poem with him?