Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Platform Gallery, Clitheroe

The Platform Gallery, Clitheroe
The Platform Gallery, Clitheroe

The Platform Gallery, housed in former railway station buildings in Clitheroe, is an art gallery specialising in contemporary crafts produced by artists working locally and nationwide.  It is a good option for those looking for some free rainy-day entertainment.  The gallery has two current exhibitions, both with a recyling theme.

Precious: Reclaiming Art and Craft, in the main gallery, is on tour from Hove Museum and Art Gallery, and features the work of nineteen artists (listed below) produced from recycled and found objects.  Precious runs until 4 September 2010.

Ribble Valley Schools Recycling Art Competition, in the education room until 21 August 2010, features drawings from primary school children from the area on the theme of recycling.  Visitors can make their own craft creations from scrap materials provided by the gallery.

A craft shop has a range of craft products for sale, starting at modest prices.  The gallery participates in the Own Art loan scheme, allowing more expensive work to be purchased with an interest free loan.

Apologies for the lack of pictures - photography is not allowed inside the gallery.

For more information including opening times, directions and forthcoming events see here.

Artists featured in the Precious exhibition: Kelvin J Birk, Tracey Bush, Circus Kinetica, David Clarke, Donya Coward, Mary Crabb, Stephanie Douet, Amy Douglas, Jools Johnson, Becky Knight, Margaret Marks, Andrew Mockett, Joanna Mowbray, Mark Oliver, Claire Palfreyman, Kate Parrott, Betty Pepper, Jasmine Pradissitto and Pamela Schilderman.

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